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Why Solar?

$0 Down
Solar has evolved. To go solar in the past, you would've had to come up with a large down payment or lease your system. Now, you can own solar with no up-front investment required!
Federal Tax Credit
The Federal Government is incentivizing homeowners to go solar with a whopping 26% Tax credit! Hurry, this is being phased out after 2020. There has never been a better time to go solar.
Save Money!
Every year, Colorado electric rates go up 4-6%. Lock in your Solar payments and save thousands that would have otherwise gone to the electric company.

How easy is switching to solar?

Schedule Free Consultation
Our energy experts will compare your roof's sun-hours to your electric consumption. If everything looks good, we will come up with an in-depth report to go over with you in-home. If your home doesn't qualify, you will receive a call or email explaining why.
On-Site Survey
Our proposal and design software is state of the art. However, we can't guarantee the home will qualify until we inspect the roof and electrical. We will schedule a time to have a Site Surveyor come out and inspect the home in person. At this point, we will determine if the home is ready for solar. If so, we will file for permits.
After we've received all permit approvals, we're ready to install! We call to schedule a convenient time to install your new solar system. Prepare for jealous neighbors as our detail-oriented install crews complete your installation. This step is usually done in one day.
Enjoy Solar
Save thousands by locking in your Solar payments while electric companies rates go up 4-6%. Enjoy your 26% tax credit provided by the Federal Government.

Why Klick Solar

We believe the world needs to change for the better. With all the destruction and harmful side effects of our past, renewable energy is increasingly becoming the way of the future. Electricity generation is the number one cause of carbon emissions. All the while, the amount of energy the sun projects on Earth every single hour, is more than the entire planet consumes in a year. It’s about time we start harnessing this amazing resource.

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So far Klick Solar's environmental impact has been equivalent to


Planting Trees


Driving Fewer Miles Per Year


Saved Pounds of Coal


Saved homeowners on Utility Bills


Klick Solar
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Theresa Darras
Theresa Darras
00:51 16 Sep 21
I cannot give enough praise to Alex and Karyn, this has been the MOST positive experience we have ever had with a solar company.We looked into Solar a few years back and we would have never ended up owning the panels it was purely a lease, ridiculous.With Klick, not only will I eventually own my panels but I can switch to batteries and be completely off the Xcel Grid.My payment is LESS than what I pay Xcel energy now. HOW COOL IS THAT. Alex and Karyn were patient with us as we asked our many questions, very professional and courteous.We didn't feel like they were trying to sell us solar panels but trying to educate us as to why solar is a no brainer not only for the environment but for our pocket book too.
Lynnette Lewis
Lynnette Lewis
18:08 15 Sep 21
My husband and I were very happy today to meet two very professional ladies Alex and Karyn. They took the time to know us, and to explain how solar works. What we can save monetarily but also what part we play in saving the earth and the quality of life we know. They will answer every question you ask and put you at ease with the company they work for. Because they value the customer.
Chris Bradford
Chris Bradford
16:43 12 Feb 21
I think when deciding to go solar and with who really depends on customer service. Many solar companies fall off the earth once the sale is done and can never be reached after the sale again. Klick Solar is by far the most customer-centric solar company that I have ever dealt with. They were easy to communicate with throughout the process and even after my system was on they were responsive to concerns. Klick Solar is a great solar company!!
Charlize Martin
Charlize Martin
19:17 25 Oct 20
My family and I had been playing with the idea of solar and while we wanted to invest in helping the climate in any way, we were unsure of the financial cost... sales people have always left a bad taste in my mouth, but doing business with Tessa was easy, genuine, and she helped talk us through our areas of concern where we realized Klick could give us all the benefits of solar without a financial burden! Tessa was so knowledgeable and took care of everything. She made getting solar a breeze! I would highly recommend this company and Tessa's accommodations for anyone looking to have an easy transition to solar!
Maddy Mason
Maddy Mason
15:03 24 Oct 20
I have thought about solar for years and I could not be more happy with my decision to use Klick to make this a reality. If you have the opportunity to work with Tessa P, you are in incredible hands! Her knowledge and professionalism made the entire process effortless for me. I was completely blown away! Highly recommend Klick and Tessa to anyone who is considering solar and even more so to the people who have no considered it yet.
Emily Bockenkamp
Emily Bockenkamp
02:33 19 Oct 20
Klick Solar is awesome! Hannah was extremely knowledgeable about solar panels and answered all of my questions about solar panels and how they would benefit me long term. My experience was great and I am grateful for all of the expertise provided by Hannah.
Andrew Czorny
Andrew Czorny
05:11 16 Oct 20
Wow! Couldn’t have got better service anywhere else. Unbelievably friendly & very quick at what they do. Big thank you to (Alexia Rose) for helping me. I’ll be sure to come again!
Megan McWhorter
Megan McWhorter
02:25 15 Oct 20
Hannah is amazing! When she first approached me about solar I was definitely leaning towards no. She was very patient and professional as she easily explained how this works and actually saves me money!!! Easily answered all my questions! Looking forward to working with her once our house is finished!
Julie Currie
Julie Currie
01:36 15 Oct 20
Hannah was extremely helpful. She was great at explaining everything to us. She saved us a lot of money and ensured we got the best deal. I’m referring her to all my friends and family. Go Solar, it’s totally worth it both financially and environmentally.
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